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  • for the "small" and the "large"
    With our pricing model, we offer an attractive concept: the fee for our product LOBO depends on your order situation. Consequently, the expenditure for the provided infrastructure will be reduced in months of weaker order situation. Like this, smaller companies with limited financial resources can rely on to the same professional tools, that larger competitors need to offer an efficient service with consistently high quality standards. We think that is a fair approach, for the "small" and the "large"!
  • customer-oriented development
    The development of the software is completely dedicated to the needs and interests of (bicycle) courier services since the very beginning of the project (2007). Many requirements and design ideas directly stem from the messenger and dispatchers that are not only users of the software but also know the everyday business of courier services very well. The success is the result of the close cooperation with our customers. And it should stay that way!



Our price concept follows a simple model: a license fee is charged per (accounted) order. Thus, the costs for the use of LOBO are not only closely linked to benefit of the service, but also adopt to your order situation.

The license fee includes all services:

  • Installation, configuration and training
  • Hosting of the software (deployment as web service)
    => no acquisition costs!
  • Support (within guaranteed response times)
  • external services (geocoding, map contents)
  • Backups and backup space
  • Updates of the software

Please contact us for further details!



Desktop clients
The software is implemented as a web application. The only requirement is the availability of a current browser for accessing via the complete functionality of the software. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. For further processing of exported data may require additional standard software (Zip decompression, spreadsheet).

Mobile devices (for carriers)
Mobile access is also realized via browser.  The optimized version for mobile devices works on all modern smartphones and tablets independently of the operating system (Android, iOS, Windows 7 mobile). Only the function of digital signature capture is currently only available on devices running Android (2.3 and newer). An iOS version is under development.

By default, the software is provided as a web service. The underlying server services are operated and maintained by us. Therefore, there are no prerequisites on the server side. Besides, you also save acquisition and operating costs (electricity) for the server.



The software is is driven by a LAPP server, currently in the following configuration:

  • Linux: Debian Squeeze
  • Apache: 2.3
  • Postgresql: 9.1
  • PHP: 5.3

The implementation of the software is realized in PHP in combination with a Postgres SQL database. Javascript (jQuery) is used on the client side. The system also relies on other software packages, e.g. rsync for backups and pdftk for processing PDF files.