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Digital signature capture

Confirmation of orders, delivery or receipt can be signed on the touch screen of a...

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Address search and geocoding

An interface to a geo-information service provides address search and validation capabilities for many European...

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Webbased implementation

The software is implemented as a web application. You access all functionality via the browser,...

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Certified documents

Invoices, credits, dunnings, and order confirmations may be certified by an electronic signature (→ Wikipedia)....

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Daily business at the headquarters

You should see the software in real-life action, in order to get a detailed impression...

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Routing and route optimization

Routing options are well known from online map services. LoBo provides the same functionality. Additionally,...

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Sales figures and order statistics

A statistical and graphical analysis of the turnover and the number of orders is provided...

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Automated accounting

In addition to the functionality for daily business, the automated accounting probably is the most...

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Mobile devices

Selected functions are optimized for the display on mobile devices. These functions include in particular...

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Interface to accounting software

The interface to the accounting department works in two directions:

  1. The booking records of the...

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Online price calculator

The software provides an embedded online price calculator for your website and an interface for...

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Flexible calculation base per product

The software is structured hierarchically. At the top we find the definition of the product...

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